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The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Roofing Though they have similar ultimate purpose, you must know that there are big differences on commercial and residential roofing. For this reason, if you are going to look for contractors, the first thing that the roofer would ask if you are going for a residential project or a commercial project. When it comes to the elements in the design , structure, the materials and also the costs, there are lots of differences that you should know regarding the commercial and residential roofing projects. The first thing that you need to understand is that the structural requirements of the commercial and residential roof are different. The commercial roofs are much bigger as compared to the roof that you have for your house. See the size on a home’s roof and you will surely get the picture. When it comes to the load requirements, the materials as well as fixtures on commercial roofs and residential roofs vary greatly. For instance, the commercial roofs should have a bigger load-bearing capacity as compared to the residential roofs usually because of the different materials that are involved in their construction. There is a bigger crew required for the installation of the commercial roof unlike the residential roofing because of the much bigger job. When discussing function, you should know that the commercial roofs come with more protrusions than the residential roofs. A residential roof may require to accommodate skylights, chimneys and also other protrusions, the commercial projects need to consider smoke stacks, pipes, roof entrances and also mechanical needs. There are also special construction instructions for the commercial and residential roofs. The materials that would be used for commercial roofing will be selected according to the commercial building’s function. When the commercial building has heavy machinery, then the roofing material needs to withstand the discharge of heat. The residential roofs are made according to the wishes of the homeowner. They will have to consider the durability and appearance.
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Since there are several differences with the residential and commercial roofing, then you should know that contractors have varied needs as well. Commercial roofing is actually more involved when this is not difficult and searching for skilled laborers can affect the cost of the project. Since these projects are bigger as compared to the residential projects, then this means that the commercial roofing crews are bigger and the residential contractors won’t be able to accommodate the manpower necessary to complete the commercial job. What this means it that they differ in many things and they only not impact on the construction job but on associated costs as well.Doing Professionals The Right Way